harry potter & cards against humanity (insp.)

All was well.

He hastily calls Finnick and Haymitch over and they have a brief but intense conversation that I can see Haymitch isn’t happy with. Plutarch seems to win—Finnick’s pale but nodding his head by the end of it. As Finnick moves to take my seat before the camera, Haymitch tells him, “You don’t have to do this."Yes, I do. If it will help her." Finnick balls up his rope in his hand. “I’m ready.”

Frozen joins Once Upon a Time. (x)

destroying things is much easier than making them

there is no district twelve


Remarkably unchanged except for the vacant look in her eyes.

Burn me with fire

drown me with rain

I’m gonna wake up

screaming your name

yes I’m a sinner

yes I’m a saint

what ever happens

we remain

-Christina Aguilera

© meanwolfs